• What is Phosphorous acid?

    Phosphorous acid which is also called phosphonic acid is a colourless oxyacids of phosphorus. Phosphorous acid is produced in the form of a white volatile powder by the slow combustion of phosphorus. Its salts are called phosphites. It is conveniently prepared by allowing phosphorous trichloride ...
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  • Embracing Change and Moving Forward

    Facing the old calendar, we will remember. We have met the challenge but are very pleased. In 2020, we bucked the trend and took the initiative to strengthen internal management to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We strengthened strategic cooperation with the outside world to continuously e...
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  • Start in the year of the ox, safety first lesson

    At 8 o’clock in the morning on February 18 (the seventh day of the first month), after the groundbreaking ceremony of Yantai Hengbang Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd., the company’s senior management and heads of various departments held a groundbreaking meeting in the conference room. The general ma...
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